Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Memories of 2007”

2007 ?  I’ve Just Gotta See This !!!

~ Hello Everyone ~
Welcome To Daniel’s Critical Corner !
My Spethal Lisp Edithon
Ugh, my fingers were off center !  Not “Lisp”… “List” !
My Special List Edition !

July is upon us !  I am excited, yet at the same time a little blue
(Just add some red and white and we have ourselves a flag) !  My  
AWESOME “Best of 2008″ extravaganza will be out in just six short
months.  Yes folks, we are halfway there !  With films like “Iron Man”
and “Wall-E” gracing the screens, figuring out my choice for “Movie
 of the Year” is not going to be an easy task…  And don’t forget, we
have “Batman” coming soon to a cave near you ! 

In the meantime, to curb my cinematic “list” cravings, let’s take a look
back on my personal faves from 2007.  Some of you will be shocked.
Others, probably tickled.  But EVERYONE will be entertained with my 
spin on these recent hits (now gracing the new release walls of your
favorite video store)…

 Daniel’s Critical Corner Proudly Presents: The BEST of 2007 !!!

The envelope, please…  And will someone shut that cricket UP !


I Can Barely Contain My Excitement !



Number 1:  300

Proving, once and for all,
that guys with beards RULE.


Number 2:  Elizabeth:  The Golden Age

Proving, once and for all,
that girls with beards RULE.


Number 3:  The Simpsons Movie

D’ohnt miss it !  It’s D’ohlightful !


Number 4:  Mr. Bean’s Holiday

He doesn’t have to say much to make us laugh.


Number 5:  The Mist

Wait until you see what’s in THE MIST !
Hint:  It isn’t a gorilla…


Oh Dear GOD !  That’s NOT Sigourney Weaver !!!



Number 6:  The Great Debaters

They are great indeed !!!  Denzel is Swell !!!


Number 7:  Ratatouille

A blue rat with a pink nose cooks food.
(No different than a trip to “Burger King”)


Number 8:  Underdog

You can’t go wrong with a dog in a cape !


Number 9:  Pan’s Labyrinth

David Bowie, Eat your heart out  !


Number 10:  Live Free or Die Hard

But only if you’ve had an erection that
lasts for more than four hours.



Honorable Mentions:

“Pirates of the Caribbean:  At World’s End”


Mascara-Wearing Pirates Chase Booty !  Yo Ho Ho !


“Kite Runner”
“Spider-Man 3”
“The Host”
“Harry Potter”
(Order of the Phoenix)



Below are some great movies from 2007…

FOR ME TO POOP ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Give me a stick and I’ll kill it.

The Golden Compass

Comp ass ?  You get what you pay for.

(Besides, polar bears aren’t supposed to run
around in funny outfits.  They are supposed
to just sit around and drink Coke).

American Gangster

Ruby Dee RULES.  Russell Crowe DROOLS.

Lions For Lambs

And just what would lambs do with
the aforementioned lions ?  That’s like
calling a movie “Birds For Worms”.

El Cantante

That’s Spanish for “This Movie BLOWS”.

Hannibal Rising

Someone please take away his VIAGRA !

No Country For Old Men

As if.  The only Oscar this movie
deserved was of the “Mayer Weiner”

The Invasion

Nicole Kidman is attacked by
bad movie reviews


You Gave My Movie A “5.5” ?


 LOL !  Hope you enjoyed my best (and worst) lists of 2007 !  It was
fun looking back…  Just wait until I whip out 2008 !  In the meantime,
thanks for stopping by and have a great Fourth of July Weekend !!!


4 thoughts on “Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Memories of 2007”

  1. I’ve only seen one movie on your top 10 list. I suck. I’m going to have to start renting some movies. And don’t even get me started on Gorillas in the Mist!

  2. We got Underdog on blu ray and the boys have played it to a frazel. You forgot to add Surf’s up. Nice list – love the page. Keep doing what you are doing.

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