Daniel’s Critical Corner: The Best of 2008

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Why Are You Guys Dressed Up ?  This Is An Informal Event !

~ Hello Everyone ~
Welcome To Daniel’s Critical Corner !
Even Dick Clark Has Been Anticipating:
The Best of 2008

Happy New Year  !!!  2009 is upon us…  But 2008 still resounds through
the pages of “Critical Corner”.  Arguably, it was one of the most notable
years for cinema since 1939 !!!  (That’s when the world was treated to 
such monumental gems as “Stagecoach”, “Ninotchka”, “Gone With the  
Wind”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Wizard of Oz”) !

2008 was indeed a year of laughter and tears…  Tons of tears actually.
I can still recall seeing a grown man cry like a baby after coming out of
a late showing of “The Happening” with his family !  He fell to his knees
and wondered what “happened” to the ten dollars they put out for that
awful flick.

I will NEVER forget the look on his children’s faces.  Faces filled with 
despair…  “Why Papa?” they asked, “Why?”  It all looked like a street
urchin scene from a Charles Dickens novel !  The kids looked so cold
and hungry that I almost gave them a quarter but feared they would
just turn around and spend it on “The X-Files:  I Want to Believe” or
“Journey to the Center of the Earth”.  Instead, I handed them a few
copies of my fantastic reviews (which they promptly ate).

Enough of the mushy stuff…  Let’s talk about the best of the best !!!
That’s right folks, it’s time for my top movies of 2008 to be exposed in
a grand fashion !  Some of you will agree.  Some of you will throw up.
But in the end, a good time will be had by all !!!

And… here… we… go !


# 1

Iron Man

You would have to be Stark raving mad not to LOVE this movie !

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# 2

The Dark Knight

The Joker’s Wild !!!



# 3

Horton Hears A Who!

After playing an Ozzy Osbourne record backwards.



# 4


Change you can believe in !



# 5 (Is Alive) !


A “spaced-out” robot finds love !

 url[1].jpg&usg=AFQjCNGcJstq6bHznsucdsUhZMaWq4w-VA by you.

This Is A Beautiful Award.  Thank You !


# 6


Filmed by Katharine Hepburn !



# 7

The Fall

Have a nice trip !



# 8

Gran Torino

Grandpa Torino is more like it !



# 9

The Incredible Hulk

A huge SMASH over the Banner summer of 2008 !

 url[1].jpg&usg=AFQjCNHBhxra7ukdIZnMDUDuhH6I3Jrx9w by you.

What Do You Mean I’m Not Number One ?



# 10

Kung Fu Panda

Tastes Like Chicken !



And now, for the REST of the BEST !  Honorable Mentions:

~ Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Speed Racer ~
~ Mamma Mia!
 Forgetting Sarah Marshall ~
~ Tropic Thunder 
Bolt ~
~ Star Wars:  The Clone Wars 
  Quarantine ~ 
 ~ Milk 
Hellboy II:  The Golden Army ~ 
~ Get Smart 
Death Race ~
~ Doubt 
Prom Night ~
~ Slumdog Millionaire



There you have it !  Feast upon the greatness of it all !  LOL !!!
Now, you are probably wondering what the WORST movies were
of 2008.  So many to choose from…  Here are the five BIGGEST 
STINKERS in no particular odor order !!!  (Please, open a window
and maybe even hold your breath).

 In the Name of the King:  A Dungeon Siege Tale


Over Her Dead Body

The Strangers

The X-Files:  I Want To Believe



On a final note, I would like to say that “CriticalCorner.Net” has had
a fantastic first year thanks to YOU !!!  Please come back soon and 
often !  Much to my surprise, my most viewed post of 2008 was not
“The Dark Knight” or even “Iron Man”…  (Drum Roll Please)…

It was “Death Race” !  Ha Ha !  Unreal.  Good times, good times.

~ ~ ~

Daniel’s Critical Corner:  Always  a “10” out of “10” !!!