Daniel’s Critical Corner: The Best of 2008

1145536617_22fd66b461[1].jpg_v=0 by you.
Why Are You Guys Dressed Up ?  This Is An Informal Event !

~ Hello Everyone ~
Welcome To Daniel’s Critical Corner !
Even Dick Clark Has Been Anticipating:
The Best of 2008

Happy New Year  !!!  2009 is upon us…  But 2008 still resounds through
the pages of “Critical Corner”.  Arguably, it was one of the most notable
years for cinema since 1939 !!!  (That’s when the world was treated to 
such monumental gems as “Stagecoach”, “Ninotchka”, “Gone With the  
Wind”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “The Wizard of Oz”) !

2008 was indeed a year of laughter and tears…  Tons of tears actually.
I can still recall seeing a grown man cry like a baby after coming out of
a late showing of “The Happening” with his family !  He fell to his knees
and wondered what “happened” to the ten dollars they put out for that
awful flick.

I will NEVER forget the look on his children’s faces.  Faces filled with 
despair…  “Why Papa?” they asked, “Why?”  It all looked like a street
urchin scene from a Charles Dickens novel !  The kids looked so cold
and hungry that I almost gave them a quarter but feared they would
just turn around and spend it on “The X-Files:  I Want to Believe” or
“Journey to the Center of the Earth”.  Instead, I handed them a few
copies of my fantastic reviews (which they promptly ate).

Enough of the mushy stuff…  Let’s talk about the best of the best !!!
That’s right folks, it’s time for my top movies of 2008 to be exposed in
a grand fashion !  Some of you will agree.  Some of you will throw up.
But in the end, a good time will be had by all !!!

And… here… we… go !


# 1

Iron Man

You would have to be Stark raving mad not to LOVE this movie !

 url[1].jpg&usg=AFQjCNEBYUImzdXX6iezE35G2AeOWsCPTg by you.


# 2

The Dark Knight

The Joker’s Wild !!!



# 3

Horton Hears A Who!

After playing an Ozzy Osbourne record backwards.



# 4


Change you can believe in !



# 5 (Is Alive) !


A “spaced-out” robot finds love !

 url[1].jpg&usg=AFQjCNGcJstq6bHznsucdsUhZMaWq4w-VA by you.

This Is A Beautiful Award.  Thank You !


# 6


Filmed by Katharine Hepburn !



# 7

The Fall

Have a nice trip !



# 8

Gran Torino

Grandpa Torino is more like it !



# 9

The Incredible Hulk

A huge SMASH over the Banner summer of 2008 !

 url[1].jpg&usg=AFQjCNHBhxra7ukdIZnMDUDuhH6I3Jrx9w by you.

What Do You Mean I’m Not Number One ?



# 10

Kung Fu Panda

Tastes Like Chicken !



And now, for the REST of the BEST !  Honorable Mentions:

~ Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Speed Racer ~
~ Mamma Mia!
 Forgetting Sarah Marshall ~
~ Tropic Thunder 
Bolt ~
~ Star Wars:  The Clone Wars 
  Quarantine ~ 
 ~ Milk 
Hellboy II:  The Golden Army ~ 
~ Get Smart 
Death Race ~
~ Doubt 
Prom Night ~
~ Slumdog Millionaire



There you have it !  Feast upon the greatness of it all !  LOL !!!
Now, you are probably wondering what the WORST movies were
of 2008.  So many to choose from…  Here are the five BIGGEST 
STINKERS in no particular odor order !!!  (Please, open a window
and maybe even hold your breath).

 In the Name of the King:  A Dungeon Siege Tale


Over Her Dead Body

The Strangers

The X-Files:  I Want To Believe



On a final note, I would like to say that “CriticalCorner.Net” has had
a fantastic first year thanks to YOU !!!  Please come back soon and 
often !  Much to my surprise, my most viewed post of 2008 was not
“The Dark Knight” or even “Iron Man”…  (Drum Roll Please)…

It was “Death Race” !  Ha Ha !  Unreal.  Good times, good times.

~ ~ ~

Daniel’s Critical Corner:  Always  a “10” out of “10” !!!



22 thoughts on “Daniel’s Critical Corner: The Best of 2008

  1. I can’t believe Mamma Mia isn’t in your Top 10 but I am pleased at it’s Honorable Mention status. I absolutely loved Iron Man and The Dark Knight. They were hands down the best movies of the summer. You’ve got a great list! I’m glad I got to know you in 2008!

  2. Thank you Lady Jaye ! The feeling is mutual ! 🙂

    “Mamma Mia!” was one of my favorite movies of
    2008, and (almost) made it into the top ten list…
    What a terrific soundtrack !!!

    My top soundtrack picks of 2008:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Mamma Mia!
    3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    4. Horton Hears A Who!
    5. Prom Night

  3. Unfortunately I don’t get to the movies often enough to have seen all of these.. but, I do love Wall-E (I want a toy Wall-E!!!)

    (I wasn’t that thrilled with Kung Fu Panda, could be that I have no interest in Kung Fu huh? heh)

  4. WALL-E is an exceptional piece of work ! (I want a toy WALL-E also). It’s too late
    to ask Santa so I guess we both have to hit up Amazon.com ! LOL !!! This was a
    good year for CGI animation. One of the best ever. Pixar has really evolved, with
    classics like “Toy Story” almost looking primitive by today’s standards. It is rare
    for me to have so many animated/CGI features in a top ten list, three is a record.

    Last year I only had one CGI flick in my top ten: “Ratatouille”… The year before
    that I had NONE… (You may be shocked but I was not a fan of 2006’s “Cars”).
    “Happy Feet” and “Ice Age: The Meltdown” were both given honorable mention

  5. Semi-Pro was a bad egg even after Will Farrel. Dude you must do justice to the Bad Movies of 2008 do a separate piece on them and kill them. And as you had noticed great minds think alike 🙂

  6. That is a good list you have there. I myself have not seen quite a few of those movies. Iron Man hands down won my vote. Batman sounded like he smoked too many cigarettes for me to enjoy, and if it wasn’t for Heath’s performance that would have been a dud for me. I’m happy you put Wall-E up, great film. 🙂 Did I mention what great captions you have? 🙂 You always say the right thing!

  7. Thank you Gayle ! I am flattered. It’s a talent, really. LOL ! 🙂

    Funny… Several people are starting to come out of the woodwork saying they don’t
    really care much for “The Dark Knight” ! Ugh ! Love it or hate it, that movie shall be
    going down in the history books. I do hope to see Heath Ledger win an Oscar for his
    role as “The Joker” !!!

  8. Nice list! I think Speed Racer ended up being criminally under appreciated this year, it’s good to see it at least make it on to your “rest of the best” list 🙂

  9. Thanks Russ. I agree, “Speed Racer” really did not get a fair shake this year. Rest assured,
    it came very, very close to making my top ten !!! I don’t understand why it got panned by
    so many critics. The movie is always in motion, and the attention to detail is amazing…

    There are so many wonderful little things I caught during my second or third viewing of this
    flick… I have a great appreciation for all of the hard work and obvious caring that went into
    making it. 🙂

    True, it did not look appealing to me when I first saw the trailers… But little did I know
    I was in for a TREAT. The reverse happened with “Hancock”. That sure looked like fun,
    didn’t it ? And it turned out to be a misrepresented mess.

  10. Interesting choices Daniel! A few I haven’t seen (The Fall, Gran Torino, Changeling)and a few that I am glad to see made your list (Cloverfield, Kung Fu Panda). And where is “The Happening” on your 5 WORST list??? I have actually heard good things about The Strangers…but I took your advice and didn’t bother…

    Nice list! Sorry it took me so long to respond! 🙂

  11. This post would not have been complete without a comment from you ! LOL !
    Please, catch “Gran Torino” over the next couple of weeks (if at all possible).
    Clint Eastwood is going to retire from acting after this film… This may be your
    last chance to see him on the big screen.

    Yes, “The Happening” was bad… But the five movies listed above are so much
    worse… Every time I hear mention of “The Strangers”, my lip starts to curl in
    disgust !!!

  12. Hmm… The Incredible Hulk surprises me… it was a lot of fun but it just seemed like a product of the hype machine…
    The Dark Knight does not surprise me, but… sigh… that movie was all hype, too. It promised to be awesome, but the death of Heath Ledger catapaulted the movie into, in my opinion, suffocating popularity. If too many people like a movie, I end up not liking it…

  13. “The Incredible Hulk” WAS a product of the hype machine, this is true.
    But (much to my surprise) it was a film with some real substance… Ed
    Norton really brought something special to the table !

    Heath Ledger’s untimely passing certainly propelled “The Dark Knight”
    to a level of success that no one saw coming. Even Christopher Nolan
    was somewhat shocked.

    A movie’s popularity will never sway my opinion one way or the other.

  14. Ew, SLUMDOG. I’m so repulsed that it’s been getting sooo many awards. People should go see CITY OF GOD or FORREST GUMP or something. SLUMDOG is not that special. ugh.

    But apart from that, I agree with your list. All of the films you mentioned range from good to very strong. I’m sooo glad you included CLOVERFIELD on there. A lot of people forgot about it. lol. I also added it to my Top 10 of 2008 list.

    As for SPEED RACER, yeah, it’s corny… but whenever I ask people “Have you seen anything like it?” They say they haven’t. Hence, my 3-star rating. It’s not perfect, but it’s not egregious either. Emile Hirsch is such a doll.

    As for your worst list, I *kinda* liked THE STRANGERS and THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE… even though I was disappointed with them because I was expecting a lot. Apart from expectations, I don’t think they’re *the worst* of 2008. I would say THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR should be on that list instead.

  15. LOL @ “Forrest Gump” ! I thought “Slumdog” was great, but it is overrated.
    It’s nice to hear from yet another “Speed Racer” fan… An awesome movie
    that I’ve actually seen on a couple of “Worst of 2008” lists. I am shocked !
    If it didn’t make it into the top ten, that’s fine. But to be called “the worst”
    is just weird… “Speed Racer” ROCKS ! So, you liked “The X-Files” ? (I want
    to believe that’s not true) !

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