Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Duplicity”

duplicitypic5[1] by you.
Ha Ha !  Now This Is What I Call A Review !

~ Hello Everyone ~
Welcome To Daniel’s Critical Corner !
Double Your Fun Today With: Duplicity

Stylish.  Smart.  Sexy.  Stimulating.  I know, it sounds like I’m talking
about “Daniel’s Critical Corner” again !  I very well could be with such
nifty words…  But I’m actually referring to the new internal espionage
flick “Duplicity”.

It’s about time they came up with another good old-fashioned caper
film.  (No, I’m not talking about “Batman” folks).  This movie features
Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as double crossing double agents.  Yes,
having Julia back up on the big screen is awesome.  Well, it’s actually
more like propped up…

For the first time in history, her chest comes out farther than her lips.
Maybe she has had some work done in that area ?  At any rate, in this
venue Julia’s boobs arrive in London twenty minutes before the rest of
 her…  There are moments when her acting might fall flat, but nothing 
else does ! 

Not to put Julia down or anything.  I’ve been a fan of hers for YEARS,
and boy, does she look fabulous for fifty.  (Unfortunately, she is only 
forty-one) !  In her very first scene, she’s standing outside on a sunny
day…  I noticed the “Erin Brokovich” star was wearing what appeared
to be a wool scarf.  I thought this was rather odd, because it looked 
like summertime !  A couple of moments later, I realized she was not 
sporting a scarf at all.  She has a hairy neck !!!

Director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) probably should have caught
that.  If he were shooting a documentary on “Sasquatch”, he could
 skate by.  Or a film titled “Gorillas in the Mystic Pizza”.


large_duplicity-julia-roberts-cli[1] by you.
Duplicity ?   …Or Dual Plastic Surgery ? 


Actually, for a couple of minutes, I thought perhaps I was at the
wrong movie.  When Julia looks at the camera, sporting some red
lipstick, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had said something
to the effect of “Wanna know how I got these scars?”  

OK, enough of that.  I’m going to get off of Julia Roberts…  (And
really, can you blame me) ?  Let me focus on Clive Owen for just
a moment.  This guy is as suave as they come…  He could easily
become the next James Bond !  Clive was fantastic in “Sin City”
and memorable in “Gosford Park”, and he just Owens this flick ! 

Julia and Clive play a couple of moles in “Duplicity”…  No, I’m not
talking about that thing growing on Eva Mendes’ face.  By mole I
mean covert operatives !!!  They are working for two companies
that HATE each other.  Julia is working for one business as intel,
but selling the secrets she obtains to its rival business via Clive.

At first, it seems these two double agents are far from pals.  All 
of this stems from a colorful history that dates back about five 
years…  We learn that when Julia was working for the CIA, she  
seduced Clive (and consequently drugged him) in order to snatch
some of his top secret files.  The poor guy was actually working
for MI6 when he was duped, and the fiasco nearly destroyed his 

But everyone is willing to forgive and forget, and they traipse all
over the world pouncing on each other in exotic hotel rooms !  It
must be said, their chemistry is believable. These two people just
click…  And the witty dialogue laced with sexual innuendo is kind
of fun !

On the flip side of the coin, who really wants to watch two people
in their forties shag to no end ?  (They lock themselves in a luxury
suite for three days, going at it like mad).  Yea.  Like THAT would
really happen.  In real life, if a couple approaching middle age was
locked in a hotel room for three days, it’s because they are dead.

I kept wondering why on Earth they didn’t use body doubles for 
the above mentioned steamy scenes…  In movies such as “Pretty
Woman”, Julia had a sensual stand-in.  But in “Duplicity”, she just
lays around with everything hanging out of her pelican briefs…


Duplicity by you.
You could pull off James Bond.  I Did Last Week !


 *Warning:  Teenagers might not be able to sit through this flick,
  as one scene conjures up images of Phyllis Diller wrestling with   
an alligator in a wading pool filled with jello.

  Despite our saggin’ protagonists, this movie rocks.  It is an intelligent
 heist extravaganza !!!  Filled with double crosses, triple crosses, and
 even a super quadruple cross !  What comes after a quadruple cross
I wonder ?  Octuplets ?  

People start to get conned left and right…  And then Paul Giamatti
gets down into the mix for good measure.  Paul is deliciously sleazy
as the head of a corrupt business, and his nemesis (portrayed by 
Tom Wilkinson) is not much better.  They will stop at NOTHING to 
destroy each other !!!  It appears that Julia and Clive are no more 
than mere pawns in a diabolical scheme…  A couple of clever plot  
twists later, however, reveal that maybe Paul and Tom are indeed 
the fools in this game of “cat and mouse”.

What sets this flick apart from others in the genre is its refreshing
lack of violence.  No one ever brandishes a gun.  Or a knife.  I think
someone brandishes an umbrella.  (Thank goodness it wasn’t Britney
Spears) !  

There is a fistfight of sorts (between Tom and Paul).  And that is
very entertaining.  For the most part, people just use their minds
to gain any advantage.  Of course, there is a lot of talking, and 
I did find myself bored for just a few minutes.  Better than being
bored for three days straight I suppose !  
Steal away to see “Duplicity”, it’s a bargain at twice the price !


Would I Recommend This ?  Yes

Daniel’s Critical Rating:  “7.5” out of “10”



10 thoughts on “Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Duplicity”

  1. Interesting review. I have heard good reviews of this film and thought about checking it out. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if you actually liked it for a while there Daniel! LOL

    So…I might go see…or I might just wait til it comes out on DVD.

    On a totally unrelated note…have you seen the trailer for the new Terminator flick? Holy CRAP! That looks AWESOME!!!

  2. Did I like it ? Did I hate it ? I say one thing… Yet mean another ! Don’t forget, this
    is a review for “Duplicity”… My ploy to leave you hanging to the very end worked !

    Ha Ha ! No matter how much I enjoy a film, I will always find some stuff to make fun of.
    In this case, I really took the ball and RAN. I’d say wait for the DVD… This movie is not
    one that has to be seen on the big screen to be enjoyed.

    Yes, I’ve seen the Terminator trailer… Awesome is an understatement ! LOL ! 🙂

  3. Ha ha! Loved your review Dan, but ouch…. you’ve got some real bite with your Fang(s)… and speaking of Diller thanks for the link to The Bone Yard trailer. Good times! Wow! So this naturally brings up the question, and an opportunity for rebuttal, what happens to movie critics after 40? Can the pencil still write when the leads all gone? ;-P

  4. 🙂 LOL !!! Thanks Aaron !!! I love the “Fang” reference !!!

    Well, to answer your question, the rebuttal is (ironically) the
    FIRST thing to sag after 40. I suggest a strong workout and
    perhaps sitting on a block of ice afterwards to firm it up.

    Most movie critics over 40 end up in an old critic’s retirement
    home. I have looked into a couple of them, and even managed
    to get put on the waiting list at a place called “Citizen Cane” !

  5. You are way too funny on your comments about Julia..watch what you say about people approaching their 40’s!! Hehehe…An exception we will always be I must say 🙂 Your wit is way too funny. I love the octuplet line. Thanks for another fun review.

  6. Say what you will about “age”..everyone gets there eventually.. paybacks are wonderful that way! :o)

    Yours is the first decent review of this movie. Seems the tv critics are harder on Julia than you are!

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