Daniel’s Critical Corner: Revenge of Halloween Favorites

…Whatever You Do Bob, Don’t Fart  !!!

Hello Everyone !
~ I Bid You Welcome ~
Today’s Sinister Spectacle: Revenge of
Halloween Favorites

 It is that time of year yet again !  The trees have shed their leaves, so they
now stand bare (with skeletal branches reaching upwards to a moonlit sky).
Soon, your doorbell shall ring, and small open hands will demand an offering
of sweets !

When you turn the porch light off, you’re probably going to want to watch
a fright flick or two…  Please, do check out any one of these supernatural
suggestions, featuring ghouls and ghosts ready to scare the sheet out of
everybody !!!

Saw VI

* Terror with a new “spin”.

Paranormal Activity

* Also known as the David Letterman extortion video.


* Loves company.

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

* You’ve got the rite one baby, uh-huh  !

Dead Silence

* Marcel Marceau live in concert.


* Ba Ba Ba, Barbara Ann !


* The sun won’t come out tomorrow.


Dawn of the Red


Pet Sematary 

* Where “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” ended up.

Monster House

* No, it’s not a reality show…

The Invisible Man

* Starring Joe Biden.

The Witches of Eastwick

* Also known as “The View”.


* There are many ways to croak.

 Repo! The Genetic Opera

* Isn’t that where Susan Boyle got her start ?

The Fall of the House of Usher

* This recession is murder.

Trick ‘r Treat

* Smell my feet !

Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte

* We can all hear your cell phone conversation.

 Muah Ha Ha Ha…


* Also known as CriticalcornerdotNet.

Burnt Offerings

* Rachael Ray’s new cooking gig.

The House That Dripped Blood

* Better call a plumber !

White Noise

* Eminem’s last album.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

* Thanks to Viagra.

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

* I prefer a screwdriver myself.

Drag Me to Hell

* Just don’t drag me to see “Hello Dolly!”


* With this we draw to a close…


Happy Halloween from Daniel’s Critical Corner.
Always a “10” out of “10” !!!


5 thoughts on “Daniel’s Critical Corner: Revenge of Halloween Favorites

  1. nope I didn’t watch any of the scary movies..but that’s only because I missed the first half of Silence of the Lambs when I turned on the tv. Watched good ol’ NCIS all evening…but that’s what you do in the old folks village!

    hope you enjoyed your Halloween Daniel!!

  2. Ha Ha ! Did you ever see 2002’s “Bubba Ho-Tep” ? It’s a movie about a mummy terrorizing
    an old folks home !!! Turns out Elvis and JFK are still alive (albeit elderly) and hiding out in
    peace until the wrapped weirdo wreaks havoc on their humble habitat !

  3. LOL ! Thanks Alan ! I had a pretty good Halloween. Dressed up, carved a pumpkin, handed out candy
    to trick-or-treaters and watched the horror classic “The Vampire Bat” starring Fay Wray (1933). Still
    eating leftover goodies, including SweeTARTS Skulls n’ Bones, Spooky Nerds, and some Twix Minis !!!

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