Daniel’s Critical Corner: The Best of 2010

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Hello Everyone !
~ Welcome To Daniel’s Critical Corner ~
Getting Uncorked Today: The Best of 2010

As folks bid adieu to 2010, let us take a look back at the cinematic treasures
we were offered (while awaiting the gems 2011 surely will bring) !!!  This New
Year’s Eve found me watching a cult classic, “Night of the Living Dead” !  You
 probably saw it too…  A pale, bloodthirsty zombie was staring at the screen,
propped up by what appeared to be Ryan Seacrest.  Scary !

There were other zombies on hand to do some singing and dancing.  This was
more than likely the “unrated director’s cut” because I don’t remember any of
that in the original film.  Many undead creatures were wearing trappings from
the 1990’s (I assume the garments they were buried in).  They all started to
wail about “The Right Stuff”, whilst hunting feverishly for brains…

Ha !  Of course, I’m actually talkin’ about “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Chair” special !
Featuring NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and plenty of old Dick  !!!  He helped say
goodbye to a year that brought us Susan Boyle’s “The Gift” (I hope you kept
the receipt).  Weren’t we also treated to an odd psychic octopus !?  No, I’m
not talking about La Toya Jackson.

At any rate, there were tons of fantastic flicks this year, with the following
being the BEST !



 Shutter Island

People shutter at the mere thought of it !!!


I, Um, Cut Myself Shaving



True Grit

Jeff Bridges can Duke it out with the best of ’em.


The Town

Ben Affleck paints it red !


Despicable Me

It’s so FLUFFY !


How to Train Your Dragon

Ugh, I said Dragon, not “Drag Queen” !


Ready To Watch Me Breathe Fire Baby !?




This movie is a dream come true.


The Social Network

The ultimate face-off.


Toy Story 3

A lightyear ahead of the rest !


Winter’s Bone

Features some chilling performances…


It’s Kind of a Funny Story

And it’s kind of clever to boot !


Whoa !  I Can See Russia From Here !!!



~ That concludes my top ten of 2010 ~
But wait…  It’s “Honorable Mention” time !!!

~ Leap Year
Megamind ~
~ Step Up 3D
TRON: Legacy ~
~ Date Night
La Mission ~
~ The Fighter
Tangled ~
~ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Machete ~
~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Faster ~
~ Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Red ~
~ The King’s Speech
Nanny McPhee Returns ~
~ Unstoppable 
The Wolfman ~
~ Predators
The Other Guys ~


And finally, the moment you have not been waiting for.  My vote for worst
flick of the year…  It’s going to be “The Last Airbender”, which managed to
bend only flatulence !  Followed very closely by “Splice”.


 It doesn’t really matter if a movie is good or bad, you will always find the
 best reviews here at Daniel’s Critical Corner, where the writings are often
 just as shameless as my blatant self-promotion.  LOL !!!

 Happy 2011 To All !!!