Daniel’s Critical Corner: Rise of Halloween Favorites

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another !

Hello Everyone !
~ Welcome.  Stay For A Bite ~
Today’s Horrific Hullabaloo: Rise of
Halloween Favorites

Behold the many glorious wonders of autumn !  Blankets of red and orange
leaves now bury cemeteries under ever-waning daylight.  Birds start to look
South beneath an ominous Harvest Moon…  And, even though it’s a bit chilly
outside, you can still place your tongue on a flagpole and not get stuck !

Best of all, Halloween is just around the dark corner…  And I’ve got some
movies listed here guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies !!!  Or maybe
just the heaves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Tingler

* No.  It’s not a shampoo.

I Walked with a Zombie

* Then I went running with a vampire !

The Gravedancers

* Weren’t they on “America’s Got Talent” ?

Diary of the Dead

* Today at school, I finally worked up the nerve to eat Billy.

The Monkey’s Paw

* Argues with the Monkey’s Ma.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

* Unless you’re in a hot tub with Ashton Kutcher !

Sorority Row

* Alpha Epsilon Die


Somebody’s Got An Axe To Grind.


The Boogeyman

* Who says disco is dead ?


* A nice companion piece to “Old Yeller”.

The Thing

* Thawing out aliens is never a good idea.

The Howling

* Justin Bieber in concert !

Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes

* Sorry, I forgot to shut the gate behind me.


* Michele Bachmann says this is her favorite Madonna song.

Fright Night

* Is a spooky delight.

Paranormal Activity 3

* This season’s final contestants on “Dancing with the Stars”.

I Eat Your Skin

* And have cheesecake for dessert !

The Fly

* Grab the swatter.


Stop Bugging Me !



* Honk if you love film critics !

The Stuff

* What Jamie Lee Curtis gobbles down to stay regular.


* Gesundheit !

The Hands of Orlac

* Look Madge !  I soaked in it !

Deep Blue Sea

* Not to be confused with “Dolphin Tale”.

The Funhouse

* Also known as Charlie Sheen’s residence !

The Lawnmower Man

* Has hit yet another sprinkler.

Visiting Hours

* Are Over.  See you next time !


Happy Halloween from Daniel’s Critical Corner !
Always a “10” out of “10”And always tickling
your funny bone !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~