Daniel’s Critical Corner: “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

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Today, Al Gore Will Endorse:
The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Late summer’s crop of movies is always a mixed bag.  Sure, there are a few
bad apples, but some decent offerings still manage to sprout up !  Disney’s
heartwarming new family film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, is certainly
pleasant enough (and aptly titled).  Basically, we have an odd kid who does
weird things under peculiar circumstances.

Arguably, there are other films with stranger titles out there, like “Lemony
Snicket’s Tragic Unfolding of Whatever”.  Hmm…  Or something like that !!!
Then we had Heath Ledger’s last flick, which I think was called “Dr Magoo’s
Fascinating Emporium of Potassium”.  Ugh !!!  Sorry folks, “IMDb” is down.
I’m winging it !

Now, I must admit that “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is kind of vague in
describing itself.  Heck, “John Carter” would certainly agree !  But, as stated
above, this is some heartwarming* stuff.

*Artichoke heart (delicious heated, and full of vitamin K).

Audiences, no doubt, will dig the characters of Jim and Cindy Green (played
by Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner, respectively).  Joel was “Uncle Owen”
in the last two “Star Wars” movies.  Which, were technically the second and
third “Star Wars” movies.  I’ll let George Lucas handle that business…  I am
here to talk about horticulture.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually got a green thumb.  OK, it’s only because I’ve
been attending a finger painting class (our assignment today involved some
fields of clover).  Being artistic can be difficult at times…  Yet Jim and Cindy
Green dream of having an artistic child one day.  Or perhaps athletic !

As a matter of fact, even a talentless child would make the Greens happy.
The only exception possibly being “Honey Boo Boo” (everyone must draw
lines somewhere).  Cindy and her husband Jim can’t be too picky because
they are fast approaching middle age without kids of their own.


Look ! “VeggieTales” Is On TV !


Unable to conceive, they start talking about adoption.  Since that is often a
lengthy process, Jim and Cindy decide to hurry things up by planting some
dreams in the garden out back.  This hopeful couple first jotted down traits
of a “perfect” kid (then placed the writings in a wooden wish box).  Well, it
isn’t long before a little boy surfaces next to the spinach.  Now that’s what
I call organic.  Michelle Obama would be proud.

Timothy introduces himself, and the family welcomes this miracle into their
lives.  They don’t carrot all where he came from, or why.  Best to just leaf
well enough alone !!!  However, the Greens do get into quite a pickle while
dealing with a dilly of a situation !  No matter.  Lettuce continue…

As the proud parents of fresh produce, Jim and Cindy have quite a task on
their hands.  Tim seems like a good little lad, but there are problems from
the start.  For one thing, he has a shrub growing out of his leg.  They opt
to prune it down (I guess because they’re out of antifungal cream) !

Bringing magic and delight to everybody he encounters, Timothy becomes a
smash hit at the annual family picnic.  He indeed takes a particular shine to
his new uncle, “Bub” (played by M. Emmet Walsh).  Uncle Bub’s a funny old
coot and trickster.  He and Tim do nothing but tell jokes and laugh !

Sadly, Uncle Bub is hospitalized (after he almost becomes a vegetable).  It
goes without saying that Tim can relate.  Frowns are turned upside down in
record time though, as our hero displays his adorable bedside manner.  Not
too bad for a Cabbage Patch Kid.  Hmm…  “Cabbage Patch Adams” !!!


Nice To See You Again, Mrs. Dash !


Even though going to school is a little difficult for the tyke, Tim manages to
find himself a cute girlfriend.  He meets her while taking a quick swim (also
known as a “vegetable dip”) !!!  She happens to love leafy greens, so they
become like two peas in a pod…  A nice relationship develops, and some of
the best parts of this film are when these friends dream together !

Young actor CJ Adams really brings a magnificent perspective to Timothy’s
character.  He is both charming and convincing.  It’s understandable how
Tim’s entire hometown of Stanleyville ends up being inspired by him in the
long run.

There is a touching moment where Timothy (and his parents) are attending
some sort of musical luncheon…  Many kids in the group begin to showcase
their respective talents, with Jim and Cindy worrying that Tim can’t cut it !
He surprises everyone when he breaks into song, Broadway style !!!

The leaves on his legs come alive, and start ensnaring unsuspecting guests.
He pulls innocent people in and devours them (like a Venus Flytrap) whilst
singing “Feed Me!”  Blood curdling screams are heard as…  Um…   Yikes !  I
am thinking of “Little Shop of Horrors”.  Tim does not eat people, he simply
entertains them with a natural rhythm and freestyle beats.

Whenever our ambitious youth tries to branch out, his mother is overjoyed.
Jennifer Garner delivers a fine performance, despite some sappy moments
here and there.  Certain scenes do emulate a “Lifetime Original Movie”, yet
everything manages to stay rooted in good fun !

What this story boils down to (like a potato) is that we’re all blessed, at one
point in our lives, by someone who shows up like an angel.  They might not
stick around for long, but we are stronger for having known them !  Now, I
can’t tell you how things end…   That would be too mulch information.

  Regardless, I am sure “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” will grow on you !!!


Would I Recommend This ?  Yes

Daniel’s Critical Rating:  7 out of 10

~ ~ ~