Daniel’s Critical Corner: The Beast (and Best) of Halloween Favorites

We Totally Rock, Doggone It !

Hello Mummies and Deadies.
~ I Bid You Welcome ~
Tonight’s Diabolical Delight:
The Beast (and Best) of Halloween Favorites

If you’re not careful, All Hallow’s Eve will sneak up on you.  It creeps
behind crumbling gravestones, pouncing on unsuspecting victims just
as the October sun sets !  The vile spirits of Hallowe’en love autumn’s
lengthy and bone-chilling nights.  They thrive in shadow.

Beware, for they must feed !!!  When not drinking blood (or eating a
plate of brains) they feast on cinema !  No, not just any cinema.  You
won’t catch any of ’em chowing down on Doris Day’s “Teacher’s Pet”.
Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” is more their style !!!

Once, a spirit chewed on “Ishtar”, but that was because there wasn’t
anything else in the refrigerator.  Nonetheless, please do stay on the
safe side.  Have an ample supply o’ treats for the kiddies at the front
door (and have the following films ready for those monsters lurking
in your closet and under your bed).

~ ~~ ~


* Electrifying fun !

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

* I just want to know who ate my Baby Ruth

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

* I’m not talking about Brooke Shields…  Her lagoon was blue.


* Wasn’t that a Phil Collins tune ?

The Witches of Eastwick

* Also known as “The View”.

Dead Silence

* Marcel Marceau’s concert video.


* OK.  Eyaaaaaaaaa !


* The sun won’t come up tomorrow !


Ha !  Good Luck Singing That Song Again…


The Invisible Man

* Starring Joe Biden.

Drag Me to Hell

* Just don’t drag me to see “Hello Dolly!”

Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte

* We can all hear your cell phone conversation.

Diary of the Dead

* “Today at school, I finally worked up the nerve to eat Billy.”

I Know What You Did Last Summer

* Because it’s posted on Facebook !

The Monkey’s Paw

* Argues with the Monkey’s Ma.

Hotel Transylvania

* Howling fun !


* Bad night for babysitters.


Jamie Lee Curtis
(Before She Became “Regular”)



* A great companion piece to “Old Yeller”.

Darkness Falls

* And it can’t get up !

 When a Stranger Calls

* Invite them over for a movie and some popcorn.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

* Isn’t that where Susan Boyle got her start ?

The Possession

* Is nine-tenths of the law.

Burnt Offerings

* Rachael Ray’s latest cooking show.


* Fun activity !


* Loves company.

Visiting Hours

* Are over.  Come back soon !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There you have it !  Rehashed horror hits from the Critical Corner crypt
(with some new favorites thrown in for good measure).  Have a goulash,
Um…  I mean, “ghoulish”  holiday !

Daniel’s Critical Corner:  Always a “10” out of “10”.