Halloween Favorites: Blood Moon Mania

 There Are Just Too Many Movies To Choose From !

Hello Everyone !
~ I Bid You Welcome ~
Tickling Your Funny Bone Today:
Halloween Favorites: Blood Moon Mania

Good evening.  Or Morning.  Or good whatever (depending on when you’re
reading this).  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter when you view this hauntingly
hilarious list.  Night crawlers and day dwellers alike will be thrilled !

Well, at least I hope all of my readers will be satisfied ! Who knows what
morning-people enjoy as Count Dracula retires to his coffin ?  I suppose
they watch “Good Morning America” while eating a healthy breakfast that
features grapefruit.  Then, they probably go for a bike ride (even if there
is a chill in the air).  Scary !!!

The chilly air is a signal that autumn winds are flushing out specters from
their shadowy hiding places.  As Halloween approaches, we will be in our
warm abodes, just waiting for ghastly goblins to encroach upon our front
doorsteps.  Costumed crusaders craving candy !  Trick-or-treaters !

Here are some spellbinding cinematic suggestions (to help get you past
the craziness).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  *Ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann !

Night of the Living Dead

*They’re coming to get you, Ba ba ba ba Barbara !

Crimson Peak

*These people need to see Dr. Phil immediately.

We Are Still Here

*Might as well pull up a chair.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

*Is clearly photoshopped !

Island of Lost Souls

*Fans of “One Direction” these days.

The Invisible Man

*Has to be seen to be believed !

The Cat and the Canary

*Feathers are ruffled.

Friday the 13th Part 2

*Parts is parts.


It’s Hard To Pick My Favorite Sequel !!!


The Old Dark House

*Needs a few light bulbs.


*A gaggle of giggles.


*The original “Grumpy Puppy” (no offense to Earl) !

The Last Witch Hunter

*Entertaining (for a spell).

The Book of Life

*Lively indeed !


*Schwarzenegger terminates zombies.

The Man in Half Moon Street

*Sounds like a wardrobe malfunction !

Zombies on Broadway

*No, it’s not Angela Lansbury’s latest production.

Dracula Untold

*Do tell !


Forgetting My Comb Was A Grave Error.


The Visit

*Old-fashioned scares !

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

*She misplaced her car keys.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

*Thanks to Instagram !

Terror Train

*Stays on track.

Dracula’s Daughter

*Is batty.

The Wolf Man

*Hair today, gone tomorrow !

It Came From Outer Space

*And now resides in Roswell.

The Exorcist

*Will make your head spin.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Happy Halloween !!!










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