About Me


 Hello Everyone !
~ Welcome to Daniel’s Critical Corner ~
A staple in film criticism since 2007.

Please, allow me to introduce myself…  My name is
Daniel (but I guess you’ve already gathered that).  LOL !
I am a movie critic and award-winning author here in
Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This page however, is just me doin’ my own thing.
Ever since I was a wee lad, I’ve always had a passion
for writing.  And, just as much so (if not more), I’ve
always had a passion for movies.  It was inevitable
that my two great “loves” would one day merge,
and so, here we have “Daniel’s Critical Corner”.  It’s
just my unique (and often hilarious) take on certain
films !  Now, be warned, I do try to push the envelope
now and again, but never off of the table…

You might catch me summing up a brand-new movie
on its opening weekend, or I may review a flick that’s
already been released on Blu-ray !  I also love to post
trailers !!!

I always just try to have fun with my writing, and I hope
you enjoy it as much as I do !  Casual and conversational,
my informal reviews are meant to be entertaining no matter
what your opinion of the movie turns out to be…  Thanks for
stopping by, and please feel free to leave me a comment
or drop me a line !!!

Your friend,

Daniel B.


27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh Daniel! I knew you when……I feel like my “hito” is all grown up! You constantly are bringing a smile to my face and now tears of joy to my heart! I’m glad we are friends!!!!

  2. Hey daniel! I was just reading part of your dark knight review. Didn’t finish it so that I could b surprised. Haven’t seen u in a while but hope you’re well!!


  3. Uh Daniel – you need to quote Ebert’s comment about you. That is awesome!

    By Daniel B. on November 29, 2008 1:19 AM
    I am a film critic. I do not get paid (as of yet) for what I do,
    and there is a chance I may never. But, I have a growing number
    of loyal readers. And they all enjoy my 1000+ word reviews !
    To be fair, I became a critic not only because of my passion
    for movies (shared equally with my passion for writing), but
    to put a new perspective on things that one doesn’t see from
    many in the field today. If I had a dollar for every person
    who has told me they don’t agree with critics anymore, I would
    be a very rich man. In my opinion, a vast majority of critics
    have lost touch with the average Joe. To this day they go see
    a film with a set criteria, and if the movie is not “A” “B” or
    “C” it is not good per se. Often, movies that are huge at the
    box office have been panned by critics. Large numbers of loyal
    readers see these aforementioned “bad reviews”, and loose faith
    in the people that bash what they enjoy.
    A good film critic should be able to convey his honest opinion.
    Nothing more, nothing less. But when the opinions are based off
    of a “guidebook” of sorts, it spells trouble.
    If you ask me, a lot of movie critics try to write just for each
    other. Until that stops our craft will continue to get swept
    under the rug.

    Ebert: Regarding your reviews…I wonder if all readers know that when the name of a comment’s author is underlined, that means it’s a clickable link to that writer’s web site, blog, or online presence? If you started clicking on names in this thread, you might be amazed by who is online here. You, for example, not only have a splendid taste in films, book and music, but an enviable long-term goal.

  4. Hi Daniel! Stephanie Maddox told me about your site some time ago–I wanted to write and ask if you’ve seen a movie called “Funny Bones” with Lee Evans, Oliver Platt, Jerry Lewis. I finally broke down and bought it yesterday after repeated rentals and watched it again last night–there’s this scene in the middle where Lee Evans does a tour de force performance to an audio recording and it >always< reminds me of your incredible "Boom Boom" routine from the ETC days…..

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