“Welcome to the Blumhouse”

Welcome to the Blumhouse returns on Amazon Prime Video this
October (bringing four chilling new films)!

The new lineup includes titles such as “Bingo Hell,” “The Manor,”
“Madres,” and “Black as Night”!

Scary fun!!!

“Bingo Hell” and “Black as Night” will be released exclusively
on Prime Video October 1, 2021.

“Madres” and “The Manor” will be released exclusively on
Prime Video October 8, 2021.

Amazon Studios

Coming Soon: No Time to Die

Coming Soon: No Time to Die

The holiday season is a great time for Bonding.

No Time to Die?  Fine.  But at least try to find time to see
this movie!

Daniel Craig

Léa Seydoux
Rami Malek
Lashana Lynch
Naomie Harris
Christoph Waltz
Ralph Fiennes
Ben Whishaw
Ana de Armas

In theaters November 20, 2020
United Artists Releasing

* * *

In Theaters This Weekend: “Abominable”

Coming Soon: Abominable

A fun and fuzzy family film opening this Friday !!!

This dazzling animated feature will mesmerize audiences

everywhere with its ethereal beauty, magical charm, and
lovely soundtrack.

People will be laughing non-stop during this humorous
Himalayan hit !!!

In theaters nationwide 09/27/19
DreamWorks Animation
Universal Pictures
* * * * *