Complementary Screening of “First Man” October 1.

“First Man”: Complementary Screening Opportunity 10/01/18

Hello everyone !

NASA is turning 60 on October 1.

Honestly, it doesn’t look a day over 48.  LOL !!!

To celebrate this landmark achievement, Universal Pictures will be presenting
a free screening of its upcoming film, “First Man” !  The true story of the first
 manned lunar landing in 1969.  Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong !

This screening will be showing in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM !
Click the link below to see if the screening will be available near you.
This link will take you to Universal Pictures Ticketing:

3… 2… 1… “First Man” SCREENING !!!

^ You can make your reservations now.
RSVP.  And then have a blast watching the movie on Monday, October 1.

Happy birthday, NASA !!!

AKA National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Check out the stellar “First Man” trailer:



Prepare for take off (to your local cinema) !!!

In theaters 10/12/18

Universal Pictures





Coming Soon: “First Man”

Coming Soon: First Man

Don’t underestimate the gravity of Neil Armstrong’s situation,
in this trailer full of drama and action:



Prepare to take the leap !!!

Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong

Claire Foy stars as Janet Shearon

Touching down in theaters 10/12/18

Universal Pictures