Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Step Up 3D”

Baby, I’m Not Putting You In A Corner !

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Popping And Locking Today: Step Up 3D

This is just a shot in the dark…  But is anyone still living that recalls
a video by Janet Jackson titled “When I Think of You” ?  Most folks
probably don’t know of it.  A pleasant little jewel released sometime
during the “Mesozoic Era” !  Just one viewing will uncover the many
ancient secrets (and inspirations) behind “Step Up 3D”.

Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) has been somewhat aloof these
days.  Yes, she gave us some big hits and even brought some boob
to the Superbowl…  I think his name was Justin Timberlake.  Janet’s
still mighty fine, but what has she done for us lately ?

Like the brightly clad street urchin’s from her glorious MTV past, we
have yet another gang of kids utilizing garbage can lids (and similar
implements) while offending a variety of pedestrians and apartment
dwellers with modern dance.

I use the word kids loosely, as most of this group is a little long in
the tooth.  I mean that quite literally in one case…  “Moose”, fresh
out of “Step Up 2: The Streets” has indeed returned, played again
by Adam G. Sevani !  Adam looks like a cross between Elijah Wood
and a vampire, always ready to suck on someone’s neck.

Much to my surprise, Adam does everything but suck.  A talented
and engaging actor, he busts out some mad dance skills in rather
unexpected places.  I must admit, I was not expecting much from
him or this movie.  Who didn’t think “Step Up 3D” was going to be
direct to DVD quality ?

Funky and fresh, this flick blew my socks off.  Straight up !  Now,
no one was more shocked than I.  The first installment was kinda
dope, but the second offering was lame.  Sort of like that sequel
from the 80’s, “Break In Two: Electric Bungalow”.  Or whatever it
was called…


Oh No…  Am I Sweating ?


Anyway, Moose is starting college, with memories of his dancing
days far behind him.  He just wants to make his parents happy,
and they will be as long as he does anything but boogie.  That’s
reasonable…  Heck, why do you think I became a movie critic !?

As he’s doing orientation for school, he tells his girlfriend (Alyson
Stoner from the original “Step Up”) that they can finally spend a
lot of time together.  Moose has become a big dud since he quit
dancing, but he can now date until his heart’s content.

Of course, his resolutions seem to be short-lived…  Everything is
going well until he gets “dance mugged” in the bathroom !  No, I
am not talking about George Michael here…  Some random freak
starts breakin’ by the urinals during a bizarre dance-off.  

Moose escapes his assailant thanks to some fancy footwork and
a couple of sinks, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before
he is accosted again…  His talents don’t go unnoticed, however,
as some good-natured hoofers have been watching from afar !

This pack is led by dance guru “Luke” (Rick Malambri)…  He tries
to help young, frightened and seemingly unemployed people find
their souls by giving them a place to practice assorted routines.
All he asks in return is that they become his slaves and help him
win assorted competitions !!!

 Luke runs a pimped-out studio of sorts where his many followers
can live and dance (as long as they do the dishes).  Everyone is
content with this situation, but because these bums never pay
any rent, foreclosure is imminent !  Hmmm…  Makes one wonder
if this ever happened to “Billy Elliot”.


The “Village People” Vs. “Ice-T”


They call themselves “Pirates”, I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s
because they like to shake some booty.  Before anybody has to
get a job (phew) an opportunity miraculously presents itself for
some serious cash…  A dance battle known as the “World Jam”.

Not only does Luke need to win the prize money,  he must also
capture the heart of a beautiful dancer named Natalie (Sharni
Venison Vinson).  Man…  I was on the edge of my seat.  Could
Luke wind up alone walking the streets ?  Or will the studio be
saved along with his romance ?  GULP !  Well, off to the World
Jam he goes, with Moose in tow…

Now things pick up.  The dancing competitions are impressive.
I commend director Jon Chu on such innovative choreography,
who at times almost channels Busby Berkeley.  A multitude of
creative sequences cover up the cheesy plot nicely !

Several different formats of dance are on display here, shown
in different elements and environments.  Breathtaking scenes
utilize today’s 3D technology to the hilt !!! There’s a little bit
of old school, new school and even some homeschool.

At one point, we have a sultry tango…  Then, we are treated
to a “Singing in the Rain” tribute.  Some dude even shows up
and starts doing the “Robot” (and the robot loves it) !

Many films use 3D to “enhance” the experience, but this flick
works every angle, and instead of CGI the special effects are
real people.  Topping things off is a rousing soundtrack that
punctuates every move with incredible precision !!!  Even as
the closing credits roll, cool stuff is happening…

So, Hip-Hop over to the theater and enjoy “Step Up 3D” !!!


Would I Recommend This ?  Yes

Daniel’s Critical Rating: “8” out of “10”