Daniel’s Critical Corner: “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

 megan-fox-transformers-2[1] by you.
I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up !

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Today’s Autobotography:  Transformers: Revenge
of the Fallen

  The sizzilin’ summer of 2009 continues to plow full speed ahead with  
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” tearing up the theaters !!!  It
 is “Indiana Jones” meets “The Fast and the Furious” !  And (in some
  places) it is rather along the lines of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” meets 
the “Paris Hilton Sex Tape” !

Shocking but true.  Yes, here at “Critical Corner” that sort of thing
qualifies as quality entertainment !  For some odd reason, this new
“Transformers” installment features not one, but TWO dog humping
 scenes !  Oh, Michael Bay.  How you can delight and horrify at the
same time amazes me.

 I haven’t seen anything quite like this since the DVD of “Underdog:
 Unrated and Unleashed” came out !!!  Even before that, there was
  “Cujo: The Caligula Cut”.  These pooches really need to get a room.
  May I suggest “Hotel for Dogs” ?

 A sequel to 2007’s hugely successful “Transformers”, “ROTF” brings
 back all of our favorite robots !  Hmmm…  Let me see…  I dig these
 movies but I can’t remember every single name.  Heck, let’s give it
  a try !  There’s Dynamo and Megabot.  Um…  We have Supertramp 
 and Doppelganger…  Also Nickleback !!!  Isn’t there a Lion-O !?  My
 favorite is Star Search.  LOL ! 

   Once again, these characters (more or less) join forces with Megan 
   Fox and Shila Boof (or whatever his name is) in yet another grand 
   adventure.  This time around, our heroes have to battle an ancient 
  evil !!!  It just so happens that the Decepticons (bad robots) have
  been hiding out on Earth for centuries, waiting to wreak havoc on 
   the unsuspecting planet… 

 Sneaky buggers.  No wonder they are called “Decepticons”.  They
 even beat up on some innocent cave-dudes…  It almost made me
 feel bad for bashing “10,000 B. C.” !!!  Anyway…  These malicious
 machines are running amok, and there’s only one power that can
 stop them…  The Autobots !!!  To the uninitiated, the “Autobots”
  are good robots that transform into cars and other vehicles.


 ironhide[1] by you.

 Phew…  I’ve Got Some Bad Gas !


 * Warning:  If you are not enthralled yet, you probably should just 
    stop reading this…  Go watch “The Queen” and sip on some tea !!!    
 (I will admit, Helen Mirren earned the hell out of that Oscar).

  Leading the Autobots is one mean Mother Trucker they call “Optimus
  Prime” (voiced by Peter Cullen) !  He is just a tad worried because his
  arch-enemy “Megatron” has been pulled from his watery grave by the
  deplorable Decepticons and resurrected.  While doing so, they had to
  remove an octopus from his face !  Wait…  Maybe I’m thinking of that
“Paris Hilton” tape again.

    Prime starts to sweat diesel when he discovers Megatron is in cahoots
    with “The Fallen”, a metallic monster that wants to devour our sun !
     Talk about heartburn.  All of the “Pepto” in the universe couldn’t even 
begin to touch that.

     Meanwhile, back in the human’s world, Shila Boof plays Sam Witwickey
      (no, that is not a “Harry Potter” character).  He is way bummed to find 
      his brand new life at college interrupted by villains taking the shape of 
      assorted appliances and modes of transportation.  Sam’s also feeling a 
     little blue due to the fact that his girlfriend Mikaela (foxy Fox) is miles

      So what’s a guy to do ?  Experiment of course !  He hooks up with a 
      random chick packing “more than meets the eye” !!!  Yep.  Sam acts 
      shocked when the truth comes out…  “She” is actually an evil robot 
    with a long snakelike tongue (or something) that chases him around
     the campus.  Guess that’s what you call a “Transgender” !!!  “Rocky
    Horror” in disguise !!!  Surprisingly, no one throws up.


     Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was A Bot Like Me ?


   Adding to this total insanity are Sam’s parents, crashing the scene “Old
   School” style.  His dad is just a big kid, and his mom accidentally ingests
   some pot and starts hitting on young studs !

     But before these hijinks can continue, our gang is whisked away to Egypt
    (of all places) to fight a giant vacuum cleaner.  Sam’s hand ends up being
      bandaged…  Yet they never really say why.  We are just led to believe he 
      was injured while en route to the Great Pyramids.  I don’t buy it.  In truth,
   he was probably bitten by Christian Bale !

      Against a harsh desert landscape, the Decepticons prepare to unveil their
        dastardly secret weapon.  Fortunately, Sam is packing a “secret weapon”  
      of his own…  A sockful of magic fairy dust !!!  I’m not exactly sure why it 
    works, but it does.  Maybe the Decepticons are allergic to it ?

       Major butt-kicking ensues after Optimus shows up with the Autobots and  
     the US Military.  There is one scene where it appears that Prime is dead…
       Several military guys run frantically towards his now lifeless hull, all whilst 
       someone brandishing a gun is screaming “Cover Optimus!”  (They proceed 
    to throw a blanket over him).  Classic !!!

      Plenty of blood and oil is spilled as gargantuan contraptions smack each
       other down in front of the Sphinx.  The Autobots eventually exhaust most
      of their possibilities, but they plod forward fueled by a vision of justice !!!

       When this film ended, I was just staring off into space, drooling.  Perhaps
       I went to “Robot Heaven”, a place Sam has the honor of visiting.  Let me
        honestly tell you, “ROTF” doesn’t make one lick of sense.  They should’ve 
      called it “ROFL”.  Nonetheless, it still manages to be ten tons of FUN.

        To be fair, movies like “No Country For Old Men” do not make much sense 
        when all is said and done either…  The Coen Brothers forgot to give that 
        little cinematic experiment an ending !  It was lauded as brilliant because 
        everything was left up for “interpretation”.  “Transformers” also leaves a 
       few questions unanswered,  but it somehow managed to get a gruesome
      public drubbing…  Go figure.   
        Despite the poor reception, audiences across the globe seem to be taken
        by the film’s undeniable charm, myself included !  OK.  The plot is nothing
        worth writing home about.  But who cares ?  This flick boasts spellbinding
       special effects, a memorable cast and an abundance of witty dialog…  If
          possible, try not to focus on the junk in the trunk !

          Blemishes aside, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” never falls flat !!!


        Would I Recommend This ?  Yes

          Daniel’s Critical Rating:  “7” out of “10”